Christine Holbrook, EMBA Ambassador


Christine Holbrook

I came to Crested Butte over 44 years ago to ski and never left. I was drawn to the beauty, peace and magic surrounding the town. Back then it was pretty quiet whether hanging in downtown or in the backcountry. 
I am a nurse and worked at GVH hospital for 38 years before retiring in 2017. 
My children were born and raised in CB. I have 2 grand daughters who live in Gunnison. 
Fast forward to today. I now live down valley and still enjoy those same qualities but now share them with a lot more people. Growth is inevitable. I appreciate the open corridor along 135 that allows me to soak in that amazing view. I appreciate the open spaces of preserved land free from development. 
I believe it’s important to monitor and manage our backcountry use (and abuse) so it can be preserved and enjoyed for generations to come, and that’s why I support EMBA as an ambassador.   I enjoy hiking, biking and skiing in the backcountry, and I believe we can find a way to continue our chosen forms of recreation while maintaining the integrity of these open spaces.